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  • Health partner memory cotton pillow slow rebound pillow neck protection neck pil
  • Health partner memory cotton pillow slow rebound pillow neck protection neck pil
  • Health partner memory cotton pillow slow rebound pillow neck protection neck pil

Health partner memory cotton pillow slow rebound pillow neck protection neck pil

Brand: Health partner

Item No .: O-425

Filling material composition and content: 100% slow rebound material

Pillow height: 10.1-15cm

Pillow shape: rectangular

Pillow weight: 1.1-2 jin

Customization: Yes

Healthy little knowledge

Negative ions: that is, with one or more negative charge ions called "negative ions", also known as "anion". For example, oxygen ion state is generally anion, also known as negative oxygen ions.

Far infrared: the light outside the red light, in the spectrum of wavelength from 0.76 to 400 microns is called a section of infrared light, also known as infrared. The far infrared rays of wavelengths of 5000 to 14,000 nanometers are essential for biological survival. Therefore, people put this section of the far-infrared light called "life light wave." This wavelength of light, and the human body emitted far infrared wavelengths similar to the cells in the body of water molecules to produce effective "resonance", while with the permeability, and effectively promote the growth of animals and plants.

Air Vitamin - Anion

Negative ions not only contribute to the synthesis and storage of vitamins, strengthen and activate the body's physiological activities, so it is also known as "air vitamins", that it is like food vitamins, the human and other biological life activities have a very important impact , Such as after the thunderstorm, the air increases the negative ions, people feel comfortable. Negative ions in the medical profession are known as "air vitamins" whose main role is manifested in:

1, is the impact on the nervous system. Can enhance the cerebral cortex function and mental activity, spirits, improve work efficiency, can improve the quality of sleep.

2, is the impact on the cardiovascular system. According to scholars observed, negative ions have significant expansion of the role of blood vessels, can relieve arterial spasm, to reduce the purpose of blood pressure, negative ions for improving cardiac function and improve myocardial nutrition is also very good, is conducive to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease patients restore.

3, is the impact on the blood system. Studies have confirmed that negative ions have the blood coagulation flow rate slows down, prolongs the role of clotting time, can increase blood oxygen content, is conducive to oxygen delivery, absorption and utilization.

4, negative ions on the respiratory system significantly. This is because the negative ions through the respiratory tract into the human body, it can improve human lung capacity. Some people have been tested in the glass mask inhalation of air negative ions for 30 minutes, can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by the lungs by 20%, while the amount of carbon dioxide can be increased by 14.5%, so negative ions have improved and increased lung function.

In addition, the air anion there is calm, hypnotic effect. If we inhale the right amount of negative ions every day, perseverance, great benefit to health: make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, improve work efficiency. Improve sleep, eliminate neurasthenia.

  The production of negative ions

Negative ions are caused by the fact that air molecules are ionized under the action of high pressure or radiation to produce negative ions. Most of the negative ions are obtained by oxygen. Therefore, air negative ions are often referred to as "negative oxygen ions" (negative oxygen ions, simple , That is, the oxygen molecules that capture an electron. The negative oxygen ion concentration refers to the number of negative oxygen ions per unit volume, which is one of the signs of good or bad air quality. The World Health Organization stipulates that the negative air Ion standard concentration per cubic centimeter of air in the negative oxygen ions in the content of 700-1500. The number of negative oxygen ions in the air indicates the quality of air quality is good or bad, while the negative oxygen content of the high atmospheric environment, the human health A certain role in the health care.) Anion production is mainly used in two ways, one is the use of high-voltage electricity to produce ionization of negative ions (electrical category), the other use of natural minerals, mainly to tourmaline Of various ores, seaweed seabed and light shale containing protein to produce negative ions.

Natural minerals (tourmaline) in the product to produce negative ions of the basic conditions:

1, convection: the flow of air will make minerals through the infrared negative ions.

2, the temperature difference: the temperature changes will also play a role.

3, moisture: not only contact with water, and even the air in the water or sweat moisture, can play a role.

4, the pressure: the role of pressure or gravity on the product that can play a role.

5, friction: vibration or rubbing friction can cause a strong effect.

"Negative ion health pillow" is the use of people in the process of the formation of the temperature difference, moisture, pressure, friction and other conditions, through the far infrared to the user around the rich produce negative ions (negative oxygen ions) and useful far infrared.

"Health partner" negative ion health pillow series of products to natural minerals Tuomarin-based powder, combined with environmentally friendly space memory cotton materials from scientific processing, scientific refining of natural minerals have been completely removed harmful radiation "radium" To lift people's concerns about the harmful radiation in minerals, to ensure that each product is environmentally friendly and healthy.