Polyurethane soft high resilience series features

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Polyurethane soft high rebound series with light weight, good elasticity, the price is cheap, but also according to their use habits, made of a variety of soft and hard degree of the product.

High resilience products Advantages:

● good shock resistance / softness;

● good tear resistance;

● easy to adjust the hardness;

● excellent resilience, excellent flexibility;

● excellent foam remodeling (to be restored after the shape of the original);

● can be made into any shape;

     Automotive industry: Car seats and cushions, car seats and cushions, forklift cushions, motorcycle cushions, head cushions / sun visor

     Furniture industry: furniture with cushions (such as cushioned seats, etc.), mattresses, cushions, pillows and pillows, theater cushions

     Toy industry: ball, small statue support chair and cushion.

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