Soft self-made skin widely used and features

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Soft self-made leather products are widely used in:

1, the automobile industry: bumper, steering wheel, armrest pad, car head cushions, shift lever, fender, sliver board, dashboard, air filter, bicycle cushion, tractor, SUV cushion, Wait;

2, sports equipment: fitness equipment cushion, backrest, kneeling pads, grip, pedal, bike saddle, sports knee and so on;

3, medical equipment: dental one-piece forming seats, surgical table table side edge, hanging frame, wheelchair handrails, etc .;

4, household items: armrest pad, chair legs, decorative supplies;

5, other uses: toys, packaging;

Self-made skin foam features:

- Very high impact resistance, wear resistance;

- Light weight, permanent elasticity;

- hardness can be modulated with customer requirements;

- easy to color the surface, easy overall color;

- can be made into any shape;

- can be put into the filler reinforcement;

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